Each year Sifu Klaus Brand takes 5 weekend Seminars

The first Seminar began with a Special class on Friday 22nd February, looking at some of the higher programmes. As always the clarity, concepts, level of knowledge and instruction gives us new goals and increases our understanding and level of training. Guy Record and Neil Tuff began 3 days of testing for their 1st Technician level.

On Saturday 23rd we refreshed material covered on the Friday and looked at some of the lower student programmes, working applications and more details on the programmes, Guy and Neil continued with their testing.

The main Seminar was on Sunday open to all students with some grading, including Guy and Neil. We worked various applications for the student programmes as Sifu Klaus Brand assisted by Sihing Ralph Dahl, instructed between those grading and the rest. Congratulations to Guy Record and Neil Tuff for attaining their 1st Technician level and the students who passed their relevant levels. As always we went away with aching limbs and minds, with plenty to work and think about.

Many thanks to Sifu Klaus Brand and Sihing Ralph Dahl for their time, patience and enthusiasm. For further information on our Seminars please contact: IAW-Bromley, Sihing Julian Weston to arrange your visit.


September 2013

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