May WingChun Seminar - Friday 24th to Sunday 25th May 2013

In May Sifu Klaus Brand assisted by Sihing Ralph Dahl came to Bromley for the weekend Seminar.

We began in The Great Hall on Friday 24th May with an evening Technician class working higher student programmes to 1st Technician level with applications and Chi sau sections.

Saturday 25th Escrima working single stick incorporating solo drills and partner exercises and for the new students the opportunity to try something outside the student programmes.

On Sunday the main Seminar open to all students 4 hours of high quality instruction with many students grading from beginner to advanced level and the seniors working multiple assailant exercises.

An excellent weekend, informative with a real buzz.

For further information, please contact: IAW-Bromley, Sihing Julian Weston - all new students are always welcome no matter whether you are male or female or what ability you are at, come and train in a safe, friendly environment.


May 2013

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