Sihing Ralph Dahl made the first of his three visits all based in Tonbridge

On Saturday 29th June, Sihing Ralph Dahl took the first Special class. These Classes are open to students who have attained the 5th student level and above, covering material mainly from the 1st section/ levels 6-9 student. In this class we trained Dan chi and Chi sau focusing on the drills and sequences attack and defence. Finishing with ideas from the 1st section.

On Sunday we had two lessons, firstly Instructor training looking at footwork forms and group/solo exercises moving to sequence or partners. We then progressed to applications for student levels 1-3 and the ideas behind them.

In the afternoon we moved outside to Tonbridge castle an appropriate setting for Escrima, with single stick applications, disarms and solo drills.

As always the clarity and depth of information increases our understanding to teach, train and apply the system, many thanks to Sihing Ralph Dahl. For further information on our Seminars please contact: IAW-Bromley, Sihing Julian Weston to arrange your visit.


June 2013

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