WingChun Istructors Bromley

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I have trained in WingChun for over 12 years and have also trained in a variety of martial arts including Boxing, Aikido and Tae kwon Do. Since 2006 our Academy have trained under Grandmaster Klaus who has guided and inspired us. The Academy of WingChun is different from the outset, the way the training leads you and the thinking behind it is unique. It all adds up to be an enjoyable process of building confidence and self esteem with a constant challenge to improve, for myself and my students.

Sihing Julian Weston, Head Instructor Bromley

At the Acedemy you will learn a dynamic, practical self defence system. we will take you through this unique system, in a structured clear and friendly atmosphere.

Through the student programmes you will learn to deal with all types of attacks, utilizing hands, arms and legs. The the beginning you will learn to read attacks and gauge distance. As you train you will strengthen, improve your reactions and physicality. Using efficient body mechanics your technical ability will increase with learning to deal with powerful attacks in the Chi sau programmes.

We will take you through this process stage by stage explaining and honing your skills, learn at your own pace and challenge yourself. Not only will to defend yourself, you will become more confident and assertive.

Sihing Greg Willis, Caterham Academy

Sihing Lee Wilson, Maidstone Academy

Sihing Steve Rose, Gravesend Academy

Sihing Colin Dawes and Sihing Mark Darby, Tonbridge Academy