February 2014 WingChun Seminar

February saw the return of Grand Master Sifu Klaus Brand and Sifu Ralph Dahl. Friday evening saw the opportunity to explore the higher programes in greater detail with the seniors having a group private and this continued on Saturday with Technician class. We are able to really move forward with Sifu Klaus's unique self-defence system. Saturday afternoon continued with Special seminar covering footwork sequence and application.

Sunday the main seminar, was held at Tunbridge wells, a good turn out with the students grading for an intense four hours and the advanced grades especially tested on their understanding, technical ability, finished with the forms. There is always a real buzz to the weekend and really important for Sifu Klaus Brand to see the students progress and standards increase through out the clubs. With great clarity, function and sense of enjoyment we continue to progress well done to all who graded and attended, Sifu Ralph Dahl will be over again in April.


February 2014

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