2013 Proved a Fantastic Year

The year has seen many highlights; Ralph was made a Sifu amongst the highlights, Mark Darby did his grading for 1st. The weather was kind and we enjoyed a great summer In August Sifu Ralph Dahl returned for his second weekend Seminar. During the International Academy's 10 year event Ralph, Sifu Paul Wang and Sifus' Mark and Nina Brand passed their 4th Technician level and were awarded their Sifu titles.

Saturday 10th August we had our second Special Class with Sifu Ralph, building on the first in June we looked at the 6th student level part of the first section in detail.

Sunday 11th August in Tonbridge we had two classes the first for Instructor training again working through levels 1-3 covering drills, exercises and applications. In the afternoon with perfect weather we went to Tonbridge Castle and trained Escrima in the grounds. Working single stick/weapon attacks, defences and drills.

The weekend finished with a well earned drink a pleasant way to finish off another great weekend. Thank you and congratulations to Sifu Ralph Dahl.


August 2013

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