April WingChun Seminar - Friday 5th to Sunday 7th April 2013

Friday saw the beginning of another weekend of Seminars with Sifu Klaus Brand and Sihing Ralph Dahl in Ashford, location for Sihing Steve Robinson. On Friday the 5th at Great Chart we participated in the Combat class, which looks at basic levels through Technician material and combines applications against locking, grabbing, throwing, knee, elbow and various strikes. Knee and elbow pads are required. This is a dynamic class which includes physical conditioning and is open to all levels.

Saturday 6th Instructor training which is for those who teach, would like to and for those who want to further their understanding of WingChun, covering student programmes, how to structure classes and explore the system, and then Sunday 7th April was the main Seminar open to all students. Giving an opportunity to grade or participate in the the Seminar working material and applications relevant to the student's level, over four hours.

Another excellent weekend as always, thank you Sifu Klaus Brand and Sihing Ralph Dahl for coming over from Germany and guiding us on our path through the system. For further information, please contact: IAW-Bromley, Sihing Julian Weston - all new students are always welcome no matter whether you are male or female or what ability you are at, come and train in a safe, friendly environment.


7th April 2013

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