Martial Arts classes for Women

WingChun Self Defence for Women, Bromley

Any athlete or sports person will tell you that, the only way to really achieve your goals is through hard work, dedication and determination, there also has to be some element of pain to achieve the gain!

All martial arts require these attributes for an individual to become proficient. Wing Chun is said to have been perfected by a woman who studied the movements of a snake and a crane to develop her skills. We do not hold with this legend, China at the time was a society governed by very strict rules and women did not have the same status and opportunity open to men. Thankfully things have changed, although up and down the UK men far out number female students.

Unlike some other forms of self defence, in WingChun the size and weight of an opponent have little baring, in fact through intelligent application, body mechanics and training gender and size are no barrier. There is no reason why any female cannot achieve or move further than a male counterpart with our WingChun system, with dedication and hard work. At our Bromley and other Academies of the International Academy of WingChun, we offer friendly, enjoyable, structured classes run by professional instructors under the guidance of Grandmaster Klaus Brand.

For self defence classes that work for men or women, try our WingChun Bromley - because self defence has a new name.