Why choose WingChun

So you're interested in learning Martial Arts?

Why Choose WingChun?

I am pleased for this opportunity to present to you the International Academy of WingChun. Approximately 25 years ago, the combat art "WingChun" came for the first time from China to Europe. Soon thereafter the first WingChun schools opened in Germany. This "new" martial art had its difficulties however, establishing itself against the different kinds of martial arts that had long existed for years in the West. Perhaps this was simply because of its opposition to popular concepts. Up to this time, a scientific combat method dependant upon neither strength nor conditioning, and leaving nothing to chance, was completely unknown.

To this day the attitude exists that you must be strong and in top physical conditioning to pursue a martial art. We are influenced in such a manner by these portrayals, that we have total belief in what the media suggests. It even goes so far that men and women consider themselves ailing if they do not match up to this "norm". Unfortunately, the fact is that this attitude manifests itself more and more. The differences between advertising, movies, and reality become increasingly difficult for society to recognize. We should finally wake up and accept that we are as we are: large or small, brawny or graceful, masculine or feminine. We can anyway change nothing in these facts, because these are our individual characteristics. Every one of us is unique. And not only the imposing, huge and muscular man is then, coincidentally, the ultimate martial artist. I never experienced exactly this in my 33-year martial arts career. The reality of life teaches us otherwise. We should stop fighting against the future. Not with the ever-newer anti-aging ideas, which everyday become more paradoxical by one more day. Nor with a trivial group stuck exactly in the other direction of things, having decided upon resignation with the excuse: "I am too old". Most interestingly, I hear this excuse for the most part from young people, those who haven't even reached their 50th year.

It has taken years to establish WingChun as a martial art. One reason probably lay in the fact that there are no tournaments with WingChun. The concern here is that as a combat art developed for emergencies, to set up rules would estrange it from its purpose. It must be mentioned here that WingChun is not only an effective self-defence art, but by the development of one's abilities and improvement of co-ordination, it confidently strengthens the entire human body in a healthy and natural way. Already for hundreds of years the forms of WingChun have been used for therapeutic purposes.

In an actual defence situation there can be neither fixed attacks, nor sporting techniques. In such a situation, the singular concern is surviving and this as fast as possible, in order to minimize risk. WingChun is conceived in such a way that a defence situation takes only seconds. "Fighting" is not the priority, but instead the first to be trained are a technical reaction and a fast victory. Fights have nothing to do therefore, with the actual sense of triumph or not. Everyone can fight! Already in my youth, I was surprised at the fact that in the martial arts there were so many fighters, but at the tournaments only one winner. Also to those who had lost a sporting fight, one said, "You fought well however". And by the end all had fought.

Why must one (our Ego) measure himself then against others? Are such comparisons at all possible? In my opinion, they are a fantasy. If two fighters wanted to really measure up against each other, there would be no distraction of spectators or judges, and obviously no time limits or regulations at all. Moreover, one may not separate according to weight class nor gender, nor according to constitution, which would hold as little consideration as your age or the physical methods which you employ. Such a fight would look totally different than that which we commonly expect. Which human would want to voluntarily fight (for their life) under these conditions?

Imagine, how it would have been if Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso encountered each other in a contest. How should one assess who the "winner" is and who the "loser" is? How should one compare, for example, Surrealism and Dadaism with one another? Would you count the colours? Maybe by which one finishes first? Do you recognize the senselessness of such contesting?

With WingChun instruction we do not fight against each other, but practice for the situation of defence, in which we do not fight, but want to unconditionally win. The training program is prepared in such a way that the student learns a fascinating movement art, which is effective, enjoyable, and is healthy at the same time. The study of WingChun is not to be compared with a course that can be completed in a short time. With WingChun one remains a student, always constantly searching forward discovering new developments and possibilities. Such learning is like swimming up a river. So as long as we live we do not stop learning. And this exactly is the attraction of our extraordinary self-defence art.

The Way is (already) the Goal. The sum of the realizations that the Way offers us is the only one that has true worth in our life. From mistakes we can truly learn and develop; those new attained insights form our character and further our intellect. The past has made us what we are today. The future is a fiction, which solely delivers us an abstract picture of the path in front of us. We all create our future through our thoughts and the acts that result from them in this exact instant. Each of us is responsible for his or her own future. Welcome the uniqueness of each instant, in the consciousness of eternity with each new breath. Welcome life.

After 17 years of study of WingChun, I created the "International Academy of WingChun". We are presently represented in the United States, and in Germany. My desire is to produce professional instructors, enthusiasts who continue their education and teach with love. The quality of instruction has the highest priority.

In my academies you decide to learn as much as you would like. The goal of the IAW is to pass on the principles of the art in order to safe-keep a uniform and complete system. The IAW is mindful of teaching WingChun in its traditional way.

You have the possibility to learn the complete and unique WingChun. Already after one year you acquire a strengthened self-confidence and new abilities. When you train diligently, you can conclude the student levels in three to five years, and therefore strive for the first stage for teaching. With the 1st Technician Grade you are able to lead your own academy. For this, the International Academy of WingChun assigns worldwide licenses. Maybe you are a future IAW instructor?

In the following link you will find our graduation system. For the WingChun student we have 11 graduation levels. After the "11th Student Level" one trains to reach the "Pre-Primary Level". After concluding this stage, there are four graduation levels for teachers, the 1st to 4th Technician Grades. The last graduation of my WingChun system is the 5th Master Degree. With this graduation one learns the complete art of the WingChun system with all its movements, forms, and applications.

Sifu Klaus Brand
Leader of the International Academy of WingChun